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Why NITC NITC and efficiency research and development center site system?
2010-09-08 16:58:49

NITC has been involved in site set up before construction, the website has a number of senior technical personnel, is the earliest site construction began in 1999. NITC formed in 2007 after research into a specialized Internet marketing services sector. NITC and efficiency Web site system after nearly two years of R & D, June 8, 2010 launch of the official version V3.0, before that is a BETA version of (test) appears. NITC and efficiency based Web system development is making online marketing technology company website.

Why NITC center will spend so much time to research and development NITC and efficiency site system?
Because we found that, although site-building services in the country so many years, but prevalence of domestic SMEs site or very low, less than 7%. Common sense of enterprise networks is not deep, but the proportion of foreign trade companies built large number of sites. The company did some of the site began in 2006 slowly been tried to do online marketing (PPC bidding, SEO, SEM, etc.), but did not understand the properties of SEO on SEO too demanding, too idealistic, leading eventually to spend the high costs did not achieve the desired results. Through our many years of understanding the customer, and summed up the experience of failure on the customer, the customer generally ignores the most basic things. For businesses, the most basic things on the network than corporate site. Enterprise is the enterprise portal site, is a potential client to understand the premise, so the importance of corporate Web site is self-evident.

We absorb the NITC Web Marketing Service Web site the previous system, it combines network marketing knowledge, degree of emphasis on customer experience, to simplify the system of R & D direction of orientation, human tendency. And provide permanent free download services, aimed at popularization of SMEs networks, paving the way for SMEs to network marketing. Corporate Website for large enterprises, the focus is corporate image and culture. For SMEs, the greater concern is to bring results, can produce a number of potential customers. We solemnly declare that the company wants the network development, especially SMEs, must pay attention to their own corporate website's construction and maintenance of importance.

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