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Why not open temporary NITC system?
2010-09-08 17:08:27

Many people may ask why the NITC system is not open source? Below me, what we view on this issue:

First of all, we can see that there are many open source CMS system, and another from time to time a few new emerge. But the general structure and function are similar, because a out, everyone in it based on the modified, and then into its own in the show to give the user to download Huo profit. We found that although most of the CMS system features a very powerful, but the operation is extremely inconvenient, especially for ordinary users. Technicians who may be familiar to some better, some technical terms and operations used to complete only the technician only Gaode understand. We developed the NITC NITC Web site and efficiency system is completely their own technical team developed after several years, mainly targeting SMEs user positioning, combined with our years of Internet marketing knowledge and experience. Will therefore tend to simple, fool of a number, our goal is to most people would operate, and seek to give users some web results.

Of course, this does not mean we NITC system stronger than the other CMS, NITC system than those who mature CMS system does have some gaps, currently requires constant efforts, we also persisted in innovation and improvement. As long as we pay more attention to NITC, I believe we will give you a surprise NITC. Please wait!

Our core program is now securely encrypted, and a lot of people ask us to open source, open source, but we do not consider the three main reasons:
1, the system makes the core file encryption more secure. If the server is hung horse, Trojans do not infect the core file, even if the front page file is linked to Malaysia, just look at the background can be rebuilt. This Trojan horse will handle it easy and convenient.
2, NITC and efficiency with our program website system some distance from the need to continuously improve.
3, if we open source it, may soon turn into lots of NITC, market confusion, if imperfect service system companies or individuals, this will impact the end user will return to the site as is now the custom price the same.

So, not that we do not open source, but have to wait a certain period of time then we will be fully free and open source, after updating?

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